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By completing this form, you are showing your interest to be considered as an "Expert" by the Reptrafor Ltd in a subject that you have practiced successfully in.


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Please attach a CV and any other related documents that clearly describes your expertise in your area of speciality. We want to confirm the number of years you have practiced in your proposed field.


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How do you believe that providing a course in this particular field is any different from any other course related to that field?

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This is a forceful message that will encourage everybody involved in this field to consider taking the course. Your educational materials will need to ensure that your program meets the needs of the audience and aligns with your overall program goals.

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Describe the unique value that you believe this expertise will bring to the targetted audience.

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Bit and pieces written down with no structure, some more research needed to beef it up.


All contents are ready, just need to be structured as a course, no further research needed.


I already have a course, i just need it put on an online learning platform.

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