What is the rat race and how do you win?

careering rat race Aug 31, 2020

Can you even win as there is no finish line?

After over 40 years in the rat-race, I am enjoying living my “life”. So here are a few things to you to reflect on:

Have an entrepreneur mind even in employment.

Be aware that the race is against yourself! Always search for the truth. Listen to understand! Never spend more than you earn.

Have these 3 principles whether you are working or in employment:
1. During the ‘earnings’ part of your life, save the maximum realistically possible the minimum should be 20%.

  1. Protect your savings and place it so it grows and ends up becoming sufficient to meet your lifetime cash flow requirement.
  2. Recalculate your “post-earnings” lifetime cash flow requirement and what you want to pass on to match what you have saved.

Learn and understand diversification.
Appreciate, learn, and practice mediation.
Always invest in yourself: never stop learning, studying, and educating yourself.
Do not put your destiny in the hands of somebody else!
You will be retired when you die so never retire

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